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Q: What products are included with my session?

A: All sessions come with one custom flash drive, which can be used anywhere to print your images.  This flash drive is guaranteed for life,  if you ever lose it, destroy it, or it stops working, please Contact Me, and I will issue you a replacement.  (I cannot promise your new drive will look exactly the same as the original, I am always trying out new styles and products.)  If you would like to order additional drives for family, gifts, etc. they are $50 each, pre-loaded with your images, and come in a number of styles or designs you may choose yourself.

Q: Where can I print?

A: Technically, you can print anywhere.  I highly suggest NOT going to a one hour lab (Wal-mart, CVS, Walgreens, etc) These are extremely low quality papers that will not hold up to the test of time.  They also "color correct" your images, but they have already been color corrected/enhanced on my end so this additional "correction" will make it muddy at best, and will not do your beautiful images any favors.  I highly suggest an online printer like snapfish, Mpix, or shutterfly.  I highly recommend Artifact Uprising, which also offers a beautiful range of products to choose from.  

Keep in mind we also have prints and products from the top professional lab in the country.  I usually suggest you print your families home use photos with me, and then use online services for gifts, but the choice is yours!

Q: If I print with you, how do I get my prints?

A: No worries if we live far apart!  All orders can be done online and the products shipped directly to your home.  I have everything sent to me for quality check first, then I re-package them in a beautiful box and send them on to you.  Your prints are guarenteed to arrive intact and unbent, or we will replace them for free (But I've never had this happen.) 

Q: How do I order?

A: Your gallery images are all numbered, if you click on the image the file name pops up.  I just need the file name and the size/type of image you'd like.  We usually do this by email or in person if possible.  If ordering in person, 50% of the total is required down, then the remaining balance at pickup/delivery.  If ordering online, the products must be pre-paid.

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